Project WABCO suspension unit

On the ground of the difficult shape of the metal components, e-coated (KTL) in ELAMETA, the costs of packing for delivering and re-packing for future assembling were very high.

In cooperation with our direct customers- JSC HI-STEEL and our final buyer- WABCO AUTO, we started to assemble the parts at our company. We e-coating the components, inserting the PEM-bolts, bushings, springs, clips etc.

The assembled suspension units are directly supplied to the WABCO factory in Germany.

Project BOBCAT mudguard

Together with the Estonian company TARMETEC we solved the problem of packing and transporting of heavy and very complicated components.

The supply chain is right terminated and ~ 5000 km far located OEM customer is satisfied with the terms of delivering and the quality of glossy finished parts.

Membership BACC

If you are looking for automotive components in Baltic States, our company can offer diverse support and know-how regarding production relocation, production and supply chain optimization, logistic and shared service development – we are active member of “BALTIC AUTOMOTIVE COMPONENTS CLUSTER” since 2013. More information you can find under