We can coat

The company provides various preparations of metallic parts and E-Coat (KTL), powder coating and wet painting, collection, and packaging. All services are carried out while performing a 100% quality check.

Surface treatment

Before painting, metallic surfaces of the parts are duly treated: their quality level is determined, the preparation method and technique are selected, etc., so that the coating would be of high quality.

Abrasive cleaning

If surfaces of the parts are covered with rust, metal oxides, slag and so on, the layers of paint or primer have to be cleaned – this can be done by manually polishing or by abrasive blast cleaning.  


Currently the parts are pickled manually, but not automatically. However, if necessary, the pickling in the automatic line could be provided within a couple of months (an area and equipment, etc. are provided for that purposes).


These processes are fully automated in the company. The parts are phosphatized with Zn-Mn-Ni phosphate.

E-Coat (KTL)

The method of the electrophoretic cathode metal coating (KTL or E-coat) is a finished technological process used for coating of metal surfaces with a thin, solid, one layer, and corrosion-resistant paint coating.

The prepared parts are coated in a paint bath (~ 20 m3), where paints using an electrical current are precipitated onto the cathode. The excess paint is washed off so that to get an even coating. The paint is dried at high temperature ~ 200 °C.

The E-Coat (KTL) ensures the even coating and of the desired thickness not only for geometrically complicated structures, but also for the inner cavities of the parts. The possible coating thickness of parts is from 15 to 35 microns.

The E-Coat (KTL) can be used as a basic coating or an epoxy basis for liquid or powder coatings.
The E-Coat (KTL) is a standard method of coating used in the automobile industry for more than 25 years and which is the best price-quality ratio.
The E-Coat (KTL) technology is environmentally friendly since the amount of volatile organic compounds is <1%.

Powder Coating

The pretreated/primed parts are also coated in the company using the powder coating, that is, electrified particles get stuck onto the surface of the p    art. If the parts are heated in the oven to ~ 200 °C, paint particles thermoplastify – they melt and cure.
The coated parts can be:

  • degreased,
  • phosphatized,
  • or coated with the E-coat/KTL which, in this case, acts as a primer. This two layer coating is standardised and most often used for painting of trucks and agricultural machine parts due to its best price/quality.   

Only the powder paints produced in the EU are used in the company.

“Wet” painting

On client's request, company also provides coating of metal parts with the usual, wet method.


Our company performs assembly of particular nodes: screwing, plastic sleeves extrusion, anti-friction membrane gluing and other operations according to technical regulations of the client.


The parts are packed according to the customer requirements or the packaging is created and verified in the company. The packaging is performed using various methods and techniques by adjusting the price and quality requirements. The packaging is done using the materials/tare of the company and also of the customer.